About Ron

Ron Clements has been a professional sports journalist since 1998 and has covered a myriad of events, including a Super Bowl, Ron_the NFL combine, NCAA basketball and wrestling tournaments, college football and baseball, NASCAR, MLB, NHL and just about every high school sport there is.

He currently works for Perform Media at Sporting News in Charlotte. He has also written for CBSSports.com, USA Today, the Alton Telegraph, New Bern Sun Journal, Washington Daily News, Jacksonville Daily News, Martinsville Bulletin, Suburban Journals of St. Louis, Omaha World-Herald, New Orleans Times-Picayune, Montgomery Advertiser, Baton Rouge Advocate, Fresno Bee, Amarillo Globe News, Reno Gazette-Journal, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Philadelphia Daily News and Philadelphia Inquirer, among a plethora of others.

To contact Ron, send an email to ronaldclements@gmail.com.

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